Yoga Teacher Training in India

Looking to get Yoga Teacher Training in India ? Why not join Himalayan Yoga Center Teacher Training ? The Teacher Training for Yoga is provided in Dharamshala and Goa centers of Himalayan Yoga Centers. The Yoga Teacher Training course is a 5 week long course covering basic techniques of Yoga followed by Intensive Yoga techniques. The prerequisites of joining Yoga Teacher training in Himalayan Yoga Center is understanding of basic yoga techniques which can be completed in around 3 weeks at the Himalayan Yoga Center.

At Himalayan Yoga center, participants of Yoga Teacher training are provided with healthy meals daily. Students of Teacher training are given yoga assignments which the student is expected to complete at the end of every day. The Yoga Teacher training classes are scheduled on a 6 day per week basis. Students participating in the Teacher Training provided at the Himalayan Center can get benefit and experience of the experienced yoga professionals. India is the really best place to learn basic Yoga and advanced Yoga techniques and the Himalayan centers at Goa and Dharamshala do provide the necessary support so that aspirants can learn basic and advanced yoga techniques.

Yoga Teacher Training is often scheduled well in advance at Himalayan Yoga Center and hence it is best to book your seat well in advance. In case you do intend to join the Yoga Teacher Training at Himalayan Yoga Center in any of the Indian centers, do contact the Yoga center with your travel plans. In case you would need accomodation arrangements to be done by the Yoga center as well, please do contact the Yoga center and tell them in advance.

There are 2 levels of Teacher training provided by the Himalayan Yoga center. The first step of the Yoga Teacher Training provided covers basics and advanced yoga techniques whereas the second level targets on interaction between yoga teacher and students. As Yoga requires to do many asanas and other physical movements, new students may hesitate a little bit and this second level of Yoga Teacher training trains on doing appropriate interaction with students. Another important part of this level is to establish trust and confidence in the new Yoga Teacher so that students can really get the most out of the learnings imparted by the teacher.