Yoga Retreat in Goa

The word Yoga Retreat is often used to offer combine yoga learning and accomodation charges. In case you are visiting Goa for holidays and considering to learn Yoga while your stay in Goa – India, this post will provide you information about Goa and Yoga both so that you can plan your retreat as you would like it to be. Whether you are planning to stay in a 5star hotel or in a budget hotel in Goa, you can totally customize your Yoga Retreat in Goa.

Hotel Accomodation in Goa is just like at any other place in the world. The more you pay for the accomodation, more the facilities you will get in the hotel. In case you are planning your holidays in Goa for fun and enjoyement, you might be interested in taking the best hotel as per your budget, taste and other factors. Now a days most of the hotels in Goa have their own website or there are agents which can help you to find hotel according to your budget and preferences. In case your selected hotel or motel does have a website, you can check out the facilities offered by the hotel, location of the hotel, pictures of rooms or surroundings and other similar things and finally you can go ahead and book your hotel reservation.

A Yoga Retreat in Goa cannot be complete without Yoga. Selection of a Yoga Training institute can be euqally difficult as now a days there are many Yoga Training institutes in Goa. How about a Yoga Training institute imparting Yoga training for the last 25 years ? Yes 25 years dedication to the same profession indicates real dedication & interest of the person / company running the Yoga Institute. Himalayan Yoga Center is run by Yogi Sharat for the last 25 years. The Himalayan Yoga Center has centers in Goa (In Arambol which is located in North Goa) and Himachal Pradesh (The Place name is Dharamshala). Irespective of where you are staying in Goa, your Yoga Holidays can be really fun, learning experience. Meeting with other people attending the Yoga Courses from across the globe at Himalayan Yoga Center can be equally rewarding.