Yoga for Beginners

This post can be a guide to anybody who is looking forward to get learn basic yoga and can be a good post to understand is there in yoga for beginners.  In case you are totally new to this yoga concepts and have just heard the word Yoga or your friend has joined yoga class or you heard that yoga is good for weight loss or any other thing about yoga, read on and find out what it is all about. Yoga is a physical excercise and hence must be done with fellow yoga students under the guidance of yoga instructor. This post should be taken only as a reference and ahtever you understand after reading this post must be verified by your yoga teacher.

Yoga is exercise of physical and mental exercise. In Yoga slow and steady physical movements are done with controlled breathing techniques. There are broadly two steps in Yoga, the first one is to learn the yoga poses and then the next step is do perform them on a regular basis. Yes in order to gain most out of yoga, regular practice is required and is a long term commitment. A short term yoga course can get you started and help you to decide about what yoga can do for you and answer your question. In case you are thinking of joining a yoga class to learn basic techniques, it is really best to look for a yoga class. Various organisations provide yoga training and many of them offer a yoga startup course as well.

In Yoga, a person is supposed to do an agreed physical movement, hold it for little and then release that position. While doing this physical movement, holding the position and releasing the position, the breath has to be taken in and released out as per instructions by the yoga teacher. Basic Yoga physical movements are targeted towards moving almost every joint of the body and providing little stress for every muscle in the body. The physical movements are many times known as Asan & breathing control is termed as Pranayam. A beginner yoga class may startup with a little bit introduction about teacher, environment and loosing up a little bit. The beginner yoga class can startup with neck movement exercise in order to flex out neck muscles. When done with neck movement, the next step can be to move the shoulders in order to exercise shoulder and back muscles. It all depends on the yoga instructor on how to proceed ahead with the yoga, but broadly this is how yoga for beginners is taught in many yoga classes. Neck movements, Shoulder movements, hand movements in various directions, leg movement in various directions and so on. Whether a beginner for yoga or experienced, the rule for everybody is the same, do yoga with people around you, with fellow students or friends and as per the instructions of a professional yoga instructor.