Yoga FAQs

This post provides few short questions and answers about Yoga. FAQ or frequently asked questions is the term normally used to answer question which are predicted to be questioned and answered on a regular basis. This FAQ section about yoga will try to provide answers to short question so that anybody who might have heard the word Yoga should be able to understand. This information should be taken as reference or information for beginners and must be consulted with a Yogi or Yoga consultant or teacher before making any decision or action.

What is Yoga ? Exercise of body and mind combined to introduce health and mind benefits in human body is Yoga.

Who is Yogi ? A person who practice Yoga is named as Yogi. The same word is often used for Males and Females.

Where is Yoga Popular ? As the figure below displays, Yoga is popular in Canada, India, United States, etc.

Popularity of Yoga

What are the types of Yoga Training ? Yoga is taught by many schools across the globe and is targeted towards basics and advanced yoga techniques. Yoga Events, Workshops, Schools, Courses, Events, etc are the words normally described to publicize Yoga training. The word Yoga Teacher training is used to used by yoga training centres to provide training to new yoga trainers.

Is Yoga Safe to practise at Home ? As Yoga is an exercise of mind and body, it must be practices under appropriate instructions and possibly under the guidance  of Yoga trainers. Many health clubs or gyms also provide yoga training at a nominal fee.

Is Meditation taught with Yoga ? Meditation is controlling mind using breathing, visualising and other techniques. Yoga training targets at controlled breathing only, so Yoga covers partial meditation techniques. Many Yoga training institutes or classes offer separate Meditation classes.

Is it compulsory to learn Yoga to learn Meditation ? In order to learn Meditation, knowledge of Yoga is not mandatory, however yoga training can be of help when learning meditation. Meditation targets towards spiritual health whereas Yoga targets towards both spiritual and physical health.

Are Yoga Classes Expensive ? The fees required by yoga classes depend on trainer, facilities at the yoga centre and other factors. Many Yoga trainers or institutes charge just to handle the expenses towards maintaining the yoga center, provide salaries to yoga teachers, etc.

Can  I learn Yoga from Internet ? Lookout for a local Yoga Centre and check if you can manage to go to the centre, check the types of yoga training offered and the required fees. Internet can tell you all about Yoga including benefits, asanas, pranayamas and almost everything using articles, photographs and videos, but remember as Yoga is an exercise, it must be practised under guidance by a Yoga trainer.

Is India the best place to learn Yoga ? Physical Location of the training centre is not of much a binding factor. It all depends on the efforts you put in and for how long you put in the efforts. India does have lots of Yoga training centres, but wherever you are, just lookout for  a local yoga centre and there are good chances that you will find a Yogi imparting yoga training to students. In case you are planning to visit India, then Arambol in Goa can be one of the best places to learn Yoga in India.