Yoga Course in Goa

Going to Goa or already in Goa ? You can join Yoga Course In Goa in Arambol. Short Term Yoga Courses are offered by Himalayan Yoga Center in Arambol. The Center also runs Meditation Courses in Goa – India. Arambol in Goa is famous for it’s one of the largest beaches in Goa. Arambol is another tourist friendly place in Goa and has lots of low budget Hotels and Restaurants. Wi-fi enabled restaurants offer food of all types and is often visited by foreigners from all across the globle.

Himalayan Yoga Center has it’s own website which offers all the related information about various yoga and meditation courses. As of writing this post they offer bookings and confirmation of yoga classes by email only. In order to book a yoga course and confirm your arrival in the arambol yoga center, participants are required to pay the registration fee well in advance. Yoga is best enjoyed when staying close to nature and this Yoga Center in Goa offers nature friendly accomodation on extra charges as well. The Yoga Center is Run by Sharat and offers Yoga Courses on the footsteps of B.K.S Iyenger and is the person who started Yoga in Goa more than 20 years ago.

For begginers the Yoga Center offers a 5 Day Course in Arambol Yoga Center. Apart from Yoga Classes for beginners, the Himalayan Yoga Center offers Yoga Teacher Training as well. Various Meditation Courses are run by Himalayan Yoga center as well. In case you want to join for intensive yoga course or other special yoga courses, you can contact the yoga center and book your seats as well. Yoga Students are expected to bring personal items such as comfortable tops and pants along with other optional stuff like torch, notebook, etc.