What’s special about Goa – India

Goa is a special place in India due to lots of reasons. Goa is often visited by tourists from all across the globe and nearby places such as Mumbai, Pune, Karnataka, Belgaum, etc. Lots of beaches often attracts tourists from all over the world. North Goa and South Goa are both popular and has lots of beaches. Goa is the only place in India where gambling is allowed in casino. Lottery is another way in which local people play with money and for money. Liquor is cheap in Goa as compared to other parts of India. Almost anyone can rent a bike or even cars on a self driven basis.

Goa has varied places and there are many places on which there are no petrol pumps. Local people sell petrol in bottles at a small extra price. Ferry is used to cross river for pedestrians, two wheelers, and even cars. The ferry charges only cars and it is a free ride for bikes and pedestrians. There are lots of hotels in Goa including budget hotel, 2 star hotel or motel, and luxurious 5 star hotels as well. Local Goan people are tourist friendly and most of them know english, hindi and konkani. Marathi is similar to konkani, but konkani is the most common language in India. Smoking is not allowed in public places, however a smoker can always find a place for a smoke.

There are many Massage Parlours in Goa which are often visited by tourists. There are many places which come to life in the night like Titos in Calangute, etc. Panaji is the legal capital, whereas Madgaon is the financial capital of Goa. Local bus transport run by non government employed people is available at almost all the places. Roads in Goa are good as compared to other places in India. Goa is not a very much crowded place, however at spcial occasions such as New Year Eve, Christmas, Holi, etc, you may find roads really busy with local people all around. Lots of Yoga training centres are there in Goa and places like Arambol are favourite amongst tourists due to clean environment, pollution less air, largest beach in Goa and other tourist friendly factors.