Pranayama in Arambol Goa

Yes now you can learn Pranayama in Arambol of Goa – India. The Pranayama course is taught by yoga teacher with more than 20 years of experience.  Pranayama is nothing but controlled breathing and is often linked with Yoga. Controlling Mind is enough to control the whole body. On one side Yoga allows you to take control of your body and on the other side Pranayama teaches how to take control of breathing which in turn allows greater control over your mind and in turn provides complete relaxation and strength to mind and body.

Have you ever noticed that out of two nostrils, we humans breath using only one nostril at a time. Do not trust this post and check for yourself. Put your finger near your nose and feel from where air is coming and going out of your nose. Take a note of the nostril and also take a note to check it two more times at different interval. It might be a good idea to check when you intend to sleep and lie on bed and one more time when you wake up. Yes breathing is really a complicated exercise and is the only life long exercise.

As Pranayama targets on controlling breathing and is a sort of meditation exercise, it is best to learn pranayama from an appropriate teacher. Meditation in Goa is really popular as in other countries of India. As pointed out earlier, meditation, pranayama, yoga, psychic powers, and other related terminologies point to the same direction and that is controlling your own mind and body. All this is not about controlling any other person’s mind or body and is not related to any type of magic. Meditation can increases hunch or intuitive capabilities whereas Yoga can be easy and free way to keep your body and mind fit altogether.