Meditation by Visualization

Simplest, Easiest and productive way of Meditation is by Visualization. This technique of meditation is a great meditation technique which can give you positive results. The terms used with respect to meditation are often doing communication with sub concious mind and many other related meditation stuff. The first thing to remember before starting up any type of meditation is that you need to specify a time limit for doing the meditation. Yes learning meditation is a long term job and in case you do it wrong or in an incorrect way, you will be just scratching the surface the power of meditation. Peace of Mind and various other benefits of meditation are often associated with meditation but remember that in order to reap out the benefits of meditation, it has to be done in a correct way.

Reading book of multiple books, watching video, audio and joining meditation school are few of the ways in which you can learn meditation. Creative Visualisation is one of the many methods of doing meditation. Creative visualisation is something that happens to everybody when we sleep and mind goes into rapid eye movement phase of the sleep. Doing creative visualisation is nothing but dreaming with will. When doing meditation the visualization way, you are supposed to imagine things, colors, smell and everything that you can feel with your senses when totally awake. Meditation is something that can go correct and can go incorrect in hundreds of way. Do understand about meditation, the way to go ahead, if possible talk to people who have done meditation before finally starting out your meditation path.