Guide to Meditation

Meditation is often referred to as relaxing mind and body using controlled breathing. This guide to Meditation will further explore facts about meditation. There are many ways in which you can do meditation. Yoga is many times linked to meditation and both Yoga and Meditation often go hand in hand. This article provides the basics about Meditation and explores various things such as what to expect out of meditation, how to do and what’s the easiest way to do Meditation.

In case you would like to understand meditation, do read on and gain a proper understanding so that you can determine whether you do want to meditate or it is not something you are looking for. Meditation for beginners can be sometimes hard to understand as there is lots of stuff on internet and books. It is always better to understand whatever you intend to do with meditation. First of all understand that meditation is a long term dedicated effort. Yes in order to get the maximum out of your meditation efforts, the very first thing you need to understand and take a note is that it will require dedicated efforts and is not a short term thing.

Meditation is basically relaxing of mind and body. Relaxation is something that we all do when we sleep. When a human body relaxes, the breathing slows down and there are no physical movements. In India various sadhus or people dedicated to god, do continuous meditation and can be found in various temples or places like ashrams, meditation centres, etc.  Yes without knowing or understanding we all do partial meditation while sleeping as our body gets relaxed. When humans do meditation, they relax their body by sitting or lying in a comfortable position. The second part of meditation is relaxing mind which is done by controlling breathing.