Arambol in Goa – India

Arambol in Goa is famous for it’s beach and often attracts visitors from all over the world. Apart from beach of Goa, Arambol has lots of yoga centers and meditation centers. Arambol is around 45 minutes drive from Panajim (The Capital of Goa) and around the same distance from Mapusa – Goa. There are many currency conversion outlets in arambol and hence currency conversion is not much of an issue in Arambol. State Bank of India and GOA State Co-Operative Bank are few of the bank branches in Arambol. Arambol lies in Pernem district of Goa & nearby locations are Calangute, Mapusa, Siolim are nearby places.

Wonderful SunSet can be enjoyed in Arambol of Goa. Visitors to Arambol often rent a bike in to travel around. Although there are no big hotels in Arambol, however accomodation & food is not much of an issue as there are lots of small restaurants and rooms run by local people are available. Most of the restaurants provide free wi-fi / internet and great food of almost every type apart from fish, chicken and vegetarian food. Goa Beach is more or less mainly polulated by international visitors and hence people from all around the globe roam around freely. In case you are visiting Goa & you want to enjoy beaches and hospitality of India, then Arambol is the best place in Goa.

Near the clean beach of Arambol, there is a small lake containing water from sea and fresh water. You can enjoy the beach of Arambol and then possibly take a bath in the fresh water lake. Nearby to the beach there is a wonderful banyan tree and a sculpture of it’s own kind titled Give if you can and Take if you have to. People are supposed to put in some money into the sculpture if they can and take money from it if they have to. Soccer / Football and Cricket are the most popular sports in Arambol apart from Yoga and Meditation. Arambol invites lots of visitors the whole year and most of the international tourists visit Arambol from the Month of Novemeber to March. One of the oldest / historic Yoga center in Arambol often invites tourists from various countries of the world. The Center runs short and long term Yoga and Meditation courses for beginners and aspiring yoga teachers. Lots of tourists can be spotted in the morning and evening often roaming around, doing excerise, yoga, meditation or even playing around.